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Issues on Roku
Roku is probably your best streaming device partner to load the entertainment contents seamlessly. It is a common thing to have some issues and errors regarding the devices. Roku also holds some common issues, and it is not that much hard task to rectify those issues. Below are some of the common issues on Roku and follow up the solutions to get rid of these problems amid your streaming entertainment.
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Issues on Roku
Zero audio

• Move on to the settings option and under audio type, switch to Dolby digital option and adjust the volume
• Try reconnecting the HDMI cable and load the contents to tune the audio

Remote not working

• First of all, check your batteries inserted are capable enough to operate the remote
• Also, check whether the batteries are in the right position in the slot
• In the meantime, don’t use miscellaneous brand remotes for the Roku. Always prefer using the remote uncovered from the original Roku package

Roku home menu not opening

• In case of any troubles in accessing the basic menu, and channel store, try downloading the latest version Roku software to rectify the bugs and other issues.

Network connectivity issues

• Wireless connection is necessary for streaming the contents on Roku. Ensure you are connecting your Roku player to the strong internet network
• Subsequently, check your internet signal strength by connecting any other devices and adjust the router settings
• Get rid of any obstacles placed between your Roku player and the internet source to get the uninterrupted connection

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